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   The Praying in the Spirit Series

The Praying in the Spirit Series

by Robert W. Graves

Robert W. Graves is the author of Increasing Your Theological Vocabulary, Praying in the Spirit (Chosen, 1987) and The Gospel According to Angels (Chosen Books, 1998). He is a Christian educator and a former faculty member at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas.

These chapters appeared in PneumaReview.com from Winter 1999 (2:1) through Summer 2001 (4:2).
PneumaReview.com Chapter Title Size
Winter 1999 "What They’re Saying Now: Some Non-Charismatics Reevaluate Tongues" 19KB
Spring 1999 "Some Marvelous Effects of Praying in the Spirit" 27KB
Summer 1999 "Focus of the Charismatic Experience: Tongues, the Holy Spirit, or Christ?" 30KB
Fall 1999 "Just What is the Nature of the Prayer Language?" 32KB
Winter 2000 "Better Than I Was, Not Better Than You Are" 19KB
Spring 2000 "That Glorious Day When Tongues are not Needed: Until Then..." Part 1 of 2. 32KB
Summer 2000 "That Glorious Day When Tongues are not Needed: Until Then..." Part 2 of 2. 46KB
Fall 2000 "How the Prayer Language Comes" 26KB
Winter 2001 "Now That You’ve Spoken in Tongues" 19KB
Spring 2001 "Singing in the Spirit" 24KB
Summer 2001 "Afterword: Beyond the Charismatic Experience" This conclusion to the Praying in the Spirit series includes the full bibliographical citations from the series. 41KB

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