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Book Review: The Baptism With the Holy Spirit

Verna M. Linzey, The Baptism With the Holy Spirit: The Reception of the Holy Spirit as Confirmed by Speaking in Tongues (Longwood, FL: Xulon Press), 180 pages, paperback.

A New Handbook on the Pentecostal Experience

Verna Linzey's new book, according to scholar James D. G. Dunn, is a "restatement of classic Pentecostal convictions on baptism in the Spirit and speaking in tongues." Russell P. Spittler calls this book "a new handbook for those interested in the Pentecostal experience." Dunn, Spittler, and nearly two dozen other international scholars commend it to the Christian church worldwide. Recognizable names to Heritage readers include, William W. Menzies, Frank D. Macchia, Wonsuk Ma, David G. Clark, Maximo Rossi, Jr., Don Meyer, Vinson Synan, and Allan Anderson.

The work differs from most other books on the Pentecostal experience, writes Spittler, in his foreword, in that it includes pastoral counseling and practical advice for those seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The scope of the book makes it an ideal gift for those who are asking questions on the Pentecostal doctrines and experiences, as captured in the front matter: "The variety of discussion is significant, moving from the nature of the Holy Spirit Himself through the experience of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and explaining speaking in tongues. The book then shows the workings of the baptism and speaking in tongues through the Old and New Testaments. Finally, the chapters on how to receive the Holy Spirit and the necessity and results of receiving the Holy Spirit baptism add the practical application that will apply to everyone."

Perhaps Wonsuk Ma, academic Dean of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, sums up the most important value of the book: "May the Pentecostals become more Pentecostal through the revival of the spiritual baptism, and for this prayer, this is an excellent book 'for the rest of us!'"

Verna M. Linzey has ministered worldwide for more than 50 years. She is also the author of the hymn, "O Blessed Jesus." She is the wife of retired U.S. Navy chaplain, Bible teacher, and author, Stanford E. Linzey, Jr.

Reviewed by Wayne Warner

The Baptism With the Holy Spirit is available from Xulon Press.

This review appeared in the Summer 2004 issue of Assemblies of God Heritage.