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Membership in the Pneuma Foundation is open to all believers in Jesus Christ. Membership is voluntary and without obligation. The Pneuma Foundation does not charge membership fees or dues.
Becoming a member of the Pneuma Foundation is a way of expressing your support for the vision of the Pneuma Foundation: Helping meet the need for Biblically sound teaching from a Pentecostal/charismatic perspective.
Financial support for the Pneuma Foundation comes from the generous gifts of its members and friends. The Pneuma Foundation is not funded or endowed by any private interest group, denomination, or government agency.

With the move from print to an online, open-access format for our journal, The Pneuma Review, we are no longer actively adding to our membership. Please show your support for our mission by engaging with our authors at PneumaReview.com. You are invited to leave comments under the articles and asked to consider contributing content yourself as a writer. To support the Pneuma Foundation financially, please follow the "Supporting the Ministry" link in the lower left hand column.