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   December 2003 Issue of the Pneuma Informer

The December 2003 Pneuma Informer

In this issue:

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New articles available:
– Strengthening Your Faith: "Why I Believe the Bible" by James MacDonald. There are a lot of good reasons to believe that the Bible is God's book. Read this guest article about how you can tell others why you believe the Bible is God's Word. Added December 8, 2003. Special thanks to volunteer Sherry N. for preparing this great article for the Pneuma Foundation website.
– "An Evaluation of the History of Pentecostal Dalits in Kerala" by Yesunatha Das (Th.M. thesis, South Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, 2001).
   Introduction: Yesunatha Das' study of Dalit pentecostalism opens up new perspectives on Asian pentecostalism in general and Indian pentecostalism more particularly. It shows that while the "color line was washed away in the blood" at Azusa Street, the line was quickly re–established not only in North American pentecostalism but also in places like India. The work for justice and reconciliation remains, and Das' thesis will provide new insights & motivations toward that end.
   Download the Microsoft Word chapters in one ZIP file (182 Kb) or read the single PDF document (499 Kb). On the In Depth Resources page.

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Reports from Around the World

China to France: an entire church moves
"100 years ago, Europeans followed the call 'Go West' to America's new territories," write Alain and Rita Hauenschild, missionaries to China. A similar movement is happening today in China: over one million Chinese students live in Europe, mostly in France (500,000 in Paris alone), Italy, England and Germany. Some 50,000 Chinese immigrate into the European Union countries each month. Some years ago, an entire church in the Chinese city Wenchow disbanded, and set on their way to Paris over various routes. They have now met up again there as a church, complete with deacons, elders and pastors, and now help their fellow Chinese integrate into the French culture, and explain the Gospel to them. With 1,500 members, it is the largest Chinese church in Paris.
Source: Alain Hauenschild, DMG Aktuell by way of Friday Fax 2003, Issue 20. Used with permission.

Namibia: Waiting to Hear God's Word
The Herero nation of Namibia (Southwest Africa) are a forgotten people who live primarily by cattle herding. Godhard, a Herero and a police officer in the small town of Okakarara, Namibia, was standing outside a fence watching three Christians telling people about Jesus. He asked them what they were doing. When the translator explained it, he invited them to his home just a few steps behind the jail. All four sat under a tree on old metal chairs in his sand yard. He heard the Gospel and prayed to receive Christ. Afterward he explained that he has been "waiting for someone to come and tell him God's Word." Pray for the Lord to build prayer support for the Herero, and to send laborers to this harvest. More information about the Herero is available from Southern Baptists' International Mission Board at http://www.forgottenpeoples.info.
Source: Brigada Today 12/5/2003.

Germany: healing is God's trademark
"Why is an ever–increasing number of people attending healing services?" asks Andreas Herrmann, leader of the Christlichen Zentrum Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden Christian Centre) and initiator of monthly healing services. "It's because people are being healed, and freely invite others to services where they can be healed of physical sicknesses," he answers. He publishes "Healing Times", in which people tell of their healing of hearing problems, heart problems, thyroid tumor, slipped discs, allergies, scoliosis, stomach problems, bronchial asthma and even cancer.
Saved from death
Dr. Jens Niedert was treating Mrs. Togo, who suffered from pancreatic cancer. He was incredulous when she was totally healed in one of the services, particularly because he had also discovered a paraortal lymph cancer. Mrs. Togo had planned to return to her native Italy to die, but is now enjoying the flourishing new life which God has given her.
Therapy finished, 4 years left to live
Renate Lagerin had been diagnosed as suffering from malignant Non–Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 3b: non–operable abdominal cancer. She suffered a severe depression as a result of the chemotherapy. She was discharged with the diagnosis 'therapy complete, life expectancy 4 years'. She was invited to a healing service, and received prayer. The following Wednesday, a routine checkup in the clinic revealed that the disease had completely vanished!
Diabetes, severed nerves, heart problems – completely healed
Barbara Puhl's illnesses were close to a list in a medical handbook: doctors cut away too generously during a tumor operation, severing nerves. The numbness she subsequent suffered was incurable. Her lung capacity was also reduced to only 34%, so she had to move to the northern German coast. In 1995, she became unable to work, and took early retirement. Then came severe diabetes – 7 large doses of Insulin per day – and heart disturbances following cortisone treatment. Andreas Herrmann prayed for her briefly at a healing conference in Hanover. At first, she felt nothing, and got into her car, disappointed. But then her whole body started to shake. Since then, her blood sugar levels have reduced, and her heart rhythm has stabilized. Her doctor could hardly believe that the EKG was really hers. Her lung function has climbed from 34% to 113%. Her gynecologist, Dr. Bernadi, is completely astonished that her nerves have regenerated after 15 years, healing the numbness.
Healing through mass hysteria?
Herrmann says, "Someone recently asked me 'Don't you think that the high attendance and charged atmosphere cause a mass hysteria which heals people?' I asked in reply 'can you explain why no diabetes, scoliosis, sight or asthma is healed at stadium–filling rock concerts or football matches, where the atmosphere is far more highly charged? Because the god of football can't heal. For the living God, healing is a trademark!'"
Source: Healing Times, www.czw-online.de, by way of Friday Fax 2003 no. 47.

Other News and Headlines:

Resources You Can Use

Classic Christianity
Read what Christian leaders from the past have said about subjects like divine guidance, holiness, worship, prayer, and the incarnation.

Christian Publications (affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance) published an electronic magazine known as Classic Christianity. Although publication ceased with the February 2003 issue, the archives for four years of issues remain available to the public. Each issue is based on a theme, with quotations, commentary, and information about related CP resources.

From the "Cross–Life" issue, #14. http://www.christianpublications.com/Periodicals/classic/clc14.htm
"Jesus has now many lovers of His heavenly kingdom, but few bearers of His cross. He has many desirous of consolation, but few of tribulation. He finds many companions of His table, but few of His abstinence. All desire to rejoice with Him; few are willing to endure anything for Him, or with Him. Many follow Jesus into the breaking of bread, but few to the drinking of the cup of His Passion. Many reverence His miracles, but few the ignominy of His Cross."
— Thomas ' Kempis, Of The Imitation of Christ (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1973), 69.
From "The Authority of Scripture" issue, #3. http://www.christianpublications.com/Periodicals/classic/clc3.htm
"The WORDS of God and the WORD of God stand together; to separate them is to render both powerless. Any expounder of the words of God is liable to go off on a tangent if he or she does not remember this stern, undeviating standard of exposition, namely, that no individual experience is of the remotest value unless it is up to the standard of the Word of God. The Bible not only tests experience, it tests truth. The Bible tests all experience, all truth, all authority by our Lord Himself and our relationship to Him personally."
— Oswald Chambers, God's Workmanship (Grand Rapids: Discovery House Publishers, 1997), 95.

New Resources from Mastering Life Ministries
Mastering Life Ministries, a ministry dedicated to teaching people how to find God's healing of sexual brokenness, has a new series of "Transformation" booklets available from their website: www.MasteringLife.org.

Thoughts to Ponder

"The cross is not an obstacle to the Kingdom; it is not the way to the Kingdom. It is the Kingdom come."
— John Howard Yoder
"Americans are interested in spiritual matters and invest time and money in religious activity, but it's shocking how few of those people make the connection between spiritual wholeness and life success. The fact that a mere 10% of the nonevangelical born–again Christians define success in relation to faith suggests that what's missing is more than better sermons, more comfortable sanctuaries, or a greater number of professional staff at the typical church. People continue to divorce their faith from their self–image and their assessment of personal significance."
— George Barna (quoted in Barna Update, Nov 6, 2002)
"If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."
— C.T. Studd (missionary and founder of the Worldwide Evangelization for Christ organization http://www.wec-int.org)
"I love poverty because He loved it. I love riches because they afford me the means of helping the very poor. I keep faith with everybody; I do not render evil to those who wrong me, but I wish them a situation like mine, in which I receive neither good nor evil from men. I try to be just, true, sincere, and faithful to all men; I have a tender heart for those to whom God has more closely united me; and whether I am alone, or seen by people, I do all my actions in the sight of God, who must judge them, and to whom I have consecrated them all. These are my sentiments; and every day of my life, I bless my Redeemer, who has implanted them in me, and who, out of a man full of weakness, of miseries, of lust, of pride, and of ambition, has made a man free from all these evils by the power of His grace, to which all the glory of it is due, as of myself I have only misery and error."
— Blaise Pascal

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Prayer Requests

  • Rev. Yesunatha Das requests prayer for supernatural provision in order to complete his studies at South Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in Bangalore, India. Brother Das has written on Dalit Pentecostals in India with a special reference to the state of Kerala. Find his thesis here: /resources/in_depth.jsp
  • The Prayer Team recently received this request: "You may remember me. I've written previously and requested prayer for the sale of the Travel Center that my wife and I operated. We had a Christian testimony prior to closing the facility. We had even stopped selling tobacco products after buying out our partner. Due to financial conditions, we closed the facility in February. The business is now in foreclosure although we may have several months in which we could still sell the facility. However, there is no imminent buyer on the horizon that we are aware of.
    "Please accept this prayer request and pray that God would, in His Wonderful Grace, provide a buyer that will pay the necessary price to retire the corporate obligations.
    "Please pray that God would send the buyer(s) soon. Please pray for us as well. Thank you and God bless you. Randy and Mary Jo" Reference Number: 90009041
  • Pray for Christians in Belarus: The Pentecostal Church in Kobrin, near Brest in south western Belarus, has told Forum 18 News Service that it will continue to meet for worship—even though their Pastor was yesterday (11 December) fined after police attended the unregistered church's worship. Pastor Nikolai Rodkovich told Forum 18 "we have no intention of halting our services. We're ready for anything." Under the harsh new religion law, which came into force in November 2002, unregistered religious activity is illegal. But Pastor Rodkovich's fine is the first fine known to Forum 18 since this summer. The state official in charge of religious affairs in Brest region has declined to discuss with Forum 18 why religious communities cannot function without registration.
    Source: Forum 18 News Service. http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=212
  • Sam, a friend of the Pneuma Foundation, has asked for prayer that he would receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Let us pray for this friend to be empowered for all that God has called him to.
  • Pray for believers in Eritrea: Authorities recently kicked out a large congregation in the capital of Asmara from a government–owned complex. The Full Gospel Church's staff and members were ordered in October to permanently evacuate the large complex that had served as the congregation's headquarters and meeting place for the past 11 years, Compass Direct reported.
    The rented facility accommodated up to 4,000 worshipers. "They were told that as an institution, their church was violating presidential directives, that it was involved in an illegal cell–group ministry," a local source told Compass. "They were told that the church will not get any property."
    Since May 2002, the government has refused to recognize the congregation and a dozen other independent Protestant churches representing some 20,000 members. All have been ordered to close their church buildings and stop both public and private meetings for worship.
    Meanwhile, all but six of 62 young believers arrested and locked into metal containers in August for having Bibles in their possession at the Sawa summer military camp, have been released.
    The six youths still jailed have reportedly been moved from containers to underground isolation cells, where there is no light, little air and limited food. They are allowed out once a day to relieve themselves, Compass reported.
    Elsewhere, 12 young Christians from Asmara's Dubre Bethel Church, who were arrested in September during a house–prayer meeting, have refused to sign a denial of their faith to gain their release.
    Source: Charisma News Service, 12/11/2003. Used with permission. http://www.charismanews.com/a.php?ArticleID=8365
  • Sherry, one of the faithful volunteers that gives of their time to make the ministry of the Pneuma Foundation continue, writes: "I have some prayer requests that I would like you to share with the Foundation — I am still off work and undergoing treatment for a neck injury I received in an auto accident in July 2002. My husband's company will be closing the end of this year. Please pray for God's answers for our lives in the coming year."

  • Please send us your prayer requests and praise reports. We have a great God who always meets our needs.
  • If you would like more information about how you may help in meeting these needs, please E-mail Member Services.

  • Mention of a ministry or organization in this publication does not mean that the Pneuma Foundation recommends that organization or its resources to you. Mention of an organization or its news or resources is for informational purposes only. Please exercise wisdom or caution before utilizing resources or otherwise receiving any assistance from an organization mentioned within this publication.

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