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    March 1999 Pneuma Informer
In this issue:
  • Editorial: New format for the Pneuma Update List
  • Fourth Writer & Editors Meeting
  • Prayer Request

Editorial: New Format for the Pneuma Update List

For those of you who have been receiving the Pneuma Foundation's updates for some time, you may soon notice some significant changes. First of all, as it appears that it may be some time before a Snail mail newsletter can be sent out to all the members and friends of the Pneuma Foundation, it has been decided to expand the E-mail updates into an E-newsletter. This will mean some new things like E-mail specials on Pneuma Biblical Resource products and Pneuma Review subscription rates.

You will also notice that very soon this newsletter is going to be expanding to include many names and E-addresses that were not previously receiving the updates.

As always, we appreciate your comments and critiques. Or if you no longer wish to receive this update newsletter, just inform Member Services.

We hope this newsletter will keep you more aware of what the Lord is doing in the ministry of the Pneuma Foundation and how He is using it to impact lives.

Raul Mock, Executive Editor

The Fourth Writer and Editor's Meeting

The fourth meeting of the writers and editors took place this last Saturday at the home of Raul Mock. They discussed the articles and reviews to appear in the next issue of the Pneuma Review.

The lineup for Issue 4 (Summer 1999) will be:
  • From the Praying in the Spirit series: "The Focus of the Charismatic Experience: Tongues, the Holy Spirit, or Christ?" by Robert Graves
  • "Baptism with the Spirit: Is it Normal to Receive at or after Conversion?" by Michael Peters
  • "The Full Picture of Passover" by Kevin Williams will continue his Messianic Foundations series.
  • The fourth installment of Richard Riss' historical study of tongues and miracles in the church continues with: "Tongues and Other Miraculous Gifts in the Second Through Nineteenth Centuries, Part 4: From the 13th to the 18th Centuries"

As always, the editors and writers covet your prayers for this issue to be anointed to powerfully communicate the love, power, and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ alone.

The editors are looking for new writers and reviewers. They do solicit articles consistent with the vision and purpose of this journal of theology and ministry resources. Mike Dies, the book and periodical review editor, is also looking for a few good reviewers to help him with his task of reviewing recent and pertinent books and periodicals. If you are interested in writing for the Pneuma Review, please send some samples of your work to the Pneuma Review, care of the Pneuma Foundation at the address near the end of this message. If you would like more information about this, please contact Editor Raul Mock or Mike Dies.

Prayer Request

As you know, the Pneuma Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that exists for the purpose of teaching God's Word. At the present time the organization is not large enough to be required to file with the IRS. This means that the Pneuma Foundation is classified as a tax-exempt organization right now, yet it cannot, however, demonstrate that tax-exemption status to any potential contributor.

What this means is that the directors want to receive the official 501(c)3 status from the IRS so that it may receive the benefits that this designation brings (For example, free websites from ISPs). The paperwork has now been completed, and now the directors are waiting for the necessary funds for the filling fee to be available.

Please pray with us that the $200 needed will be provided soon and that the IRS will grant the 501(c)3 status without delay.