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   March 2002 Issue of the Pneuma Informer

The March 2002 Pneuma Informer

In this issue:

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On-line article from the Pneuma Review: "Pentecost and the Inside-Out Church" by Brian White. Added March 11, 2002.

On-line only article by Kim Butts "15 Ways to make prayer a natural part of your family life" Encouraging your family to pray. Added March 11, 2002.

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Comments from Readers and Website Browsers:

"I loved the Pneuma Foundation's website. A great service and resource."
— Pentecostal missionary in the Middle East

"I was very happy to come up with your website were I developed my interest of the same important thing I have been worrying for. Hence, I had no hesitation about requesting for the Pneuma Reviewand to be added to the list of these seeking for sponsorship to do my studies with Cambridge international college."
VS in England

"I really liked the article "Pentecost and the Inside-out Church" by Brian White. Pretty inspiring. I knew a man who worked in campus ministry actually and he lived so fresh in the Spirit - God was using him all the time to bring people to Christ or to restore their relationship with Him."

"I'm a member of the Pentecostal church in Sweden and I'm also, since some years, a religious sister in a community. I have been studying theology at the Catholic University of Lille, and since I'm a Pentecostal I felt a need to find material in my own tradition. I started to search on the web, which is a bit hazardous, since you very often don't know what it is you find. A result of all this is that I found the Pneuma Foundation almost at the same time on the web and by my superior who asked me if I was interested in reading other Pentecostal periodicals she had received. We will most probably take a subscription on the Pneuma Review."
Lena in Europe

"I'm very grateful your ministry and what you stand for. I was very happy to discover your website. You have been addressing the same important things I have been thinking much about. I would like to receive the Pneuma Review."

Reports from Around the World

Christianity Around the World: the most encouraging news of the 90's
The American mission agency GMI (Global Mapping) asked Patrick Johnstone, author of the recently updated prayer handbook Operation World, to list the seven most encouraging trends of the 1990's. This is his list:
  1. Accelerated growth
    In the 1990's, the Evangelical movement grew faster than ever before, according to GMI's massive database of detailed research reaching back to the 1960's.
  2. The AD2000 movement
    The AD2000 movement was the most effective and best-targeted global network for promoting world mission which ever existed. It helped initiate church planting projects among unreached people groups, created synergy in the Body of Christ and was instrumental in the birth of many missions initiatives.
  3. The collapse of the Iron Curtain
    The collapse of the Iron Curtain and the end of the USSR created completely new opportunities for mission in Central Asia. Brother Andrew's 1984 challenge to pray for 7 years for the fall of the Iron Curtain was taken up and, to the astonishment of an unbelieving church, fulfilled.
  4. Thousands of Muslims turn to Jesus
    More than ever before, Muslims turned to Jesus: Northern African Berbers, Jordanians, Bosnians and Afghanis. In 1991, Brother Andrew called for ten years of prayer for the Islamic world to open to the gospel. The attack on the World Trade Center on 11th September 2001 could be a key moment for a divided Islamic world looking for an alternative belief system.
  5. China's Christianity
    Starting with only 4 million Christians in 1949, the Body of Christ in China grew to over 90 million in the year 2000. The development of truly indigenous forms of Christianity, despite growing persecution at the end of the 1990's, is one of the most important factors in 21st Century Christianity.
  6. The astonishing and mostly undocumented growth of the church in India
    The official numbers (2.34% Christians in 1991) are far lower than the truth, deliberately hiding the true extent of Christianity in the nation. The true figures are certainly far more than double, and look like only the beginning. The 'untouchable' Dalits have started leaving Hinduism, which could lead to an immense growth of Indian churches.
  7. Christian media's decisive contribution
    Christian media have changed the faith and worldview of millions. Significant examples are the Jesus Film, satellite television such as SAT7 in the Arab world, Christian radio in China and India and the explosive growth of interest in using the Internet for evangelization and discipleship.
Source: www.gmi.org, www.operationworld.org by way of Friday Fax 2002:9

India: Kali's limited power
A doctor and missions director working in India sent the following report:
"In August 2001, a Christian from Phulbani District, Orissa, was asked to head the ceremonies in celebration of India's Independence Day. During the flag ceremony, fanatic Hindus beat four Christian evangelists so badly that they had to be taken to hospital. The fanatics even went to the hospital to threaten the staff not to treat the Christians. Soon, the town was in uproar, the police were called and people formed gangs.
"The Hindu leaders called on women to imitate the goddess Kali by drinking alcohol, stripping and letting their hair loose (many Hindus depict Kali, the goddess of revenge, as a naked black woman with a long red tongue, with a necklace of heads, drinking the blood of people she has just killed with an iron trident). The mob drove themselves to a frenzy, threatening even the police, who were unable to take any action until two in the morning, at which point they regained control.
"Militant Hindus were not satisfied, and declared August 27th as the day on which Hindus should join 'to eradicate Christians from the region.' The police declared a curfew, and the Christians started to pray and fast. On the 27th, some 5,000 militant Hindus gathered in defiance of the prohibitory orders by the magistrate, wearing saffron-colored robes and headbands, with clearly murderous intent. The police were powerless to prevent the mob from marching to the Hindu temple, sacrificing a goat and ordering a woman to drink its blood. She fell into a trance as a demon possessed her. The mob asked 'the goddess Kali': 'Mother, should we attack the Christians? Will you lead us?' The woman screamed 'Oh no! A huge white angel is standing in the center of the city with large sword in his hand. We cannot defeat him!' Disappointed, the mob went to another temple in the city, sacrificed another goat and forced another woman to drink the blood. When she was asked for direction, she told the mob that 'every square in the city is occupied by angels carrying swords. They are too strong for us.' The militant Hindu mob then gave up in disgust and melted away."
Source: E-mail to the Pneuma Foundation, names not used to protect privacy

Being Watchful: E-Mail Hoaxes and Scams

Read this article on the PneumaReview.com website: http://pneumareview.com/being-watchful-e-mail-hoaxes-and-scams

By Raul Mock

Thoughts to Ponder

Read the March 2002 Thoughts to Ponder on PneumaReview.com: thoughts-to-ponder-march-2002.

Excerpts from the Spring 2002 (Vol 5, No 2) issue of the Pneuma Review

The Pneuma Review is a quarterly printed journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.

From "The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today" by J. Rodman Williams. Preface and Introduction

Read this entire series in Pneuma Review at The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today.

  • For Dr. Williams' first chapter, Background, see the full article in the Spring 2002 issue of the Pneuma Review

  •  Endnotes appear with the full article in the Pneuma Review

    From "Pentecost and the Inside-Out Church" by Brian White

    Read this entire article in the Spring 2002 issue of the Pneuma Review at "Pentecost and the Inside-Out Church."

    From "Edward Irving: Preacher, Prophet & Charismatic Theologian" by Derek Vreeland

    Read this entire article at PneumaReview.com: PneumaReview.com/edward-irving-preacher-prophet-and-charismatic-theologian/.

    Prayer Requests
    • For all of the students at Bible colleges and universities worldwide that are serving God with all their heart, let us lift up their lives and influence before the Lord. Not only are these young Christians tomorrow's leaders, it is also good to remember that numerous revivals have started first with students and then spread to others. Let us pray for Christian students to be blazing lights in their communities.
    • A friend of the ministry in California wrote in to ask for prayer: "I am suffering severely from chronic pain originating from a head injury. It has spread throughout my whole body. It has been present for almost 2 years now." Let us pray for this friend, named Greta.
    Praise Reports
    • Indian evangelists Jiten and Himsen, who were abducted in the Indian state of Jarkhand, were released on February 12 without incident. The believer who was kidnapped along with them was also released. Thank the Lord for their release.
    • Pastor Bernard Kirabira has written to tell us that his son Benjamin will not require surgery and his health is improving. It was felt that Benjamin was too young to be operated on in a third world hospital, but the family lacked the finances to take him overseas for treatment. He has asked us to pray for a complete miracle for his son.