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   May and June 1999 Pneuma Informer
This is the occasional Electronic Newsletter from the Pneuma Foundation.

In the May-June Issue:
  • Editorial: More about our diversity
  • One Year of the Pneuma Review: Including sketches of articles from this past year
  • Financial Update
  • Note to Librarians and Acquisition managers

Editorial : More About Our Diversity

As an editor, I always appreciate response, even when it is not too friendly. I certainly still make mistakes in grammar or spelling and miss things more often then I like. For example, as I was bringing back the latest issue of the Pneuma Review from the printer, somebody pointed out how I the word "of" instead of "or" appeared on the contents page. There was nothing I could do about it then, and maybe this is one of those times when that old phrase, "Ignorance is bliss" might apply. Nevertheless, it was response, and I appreciate that.

In the last issue of the Pneuma Foundation's Electronic newsletter, there was a statement about how diverse the crowd is that is receiving this newsletter now. It went like this: "The people receiving this newsletter are also from all kinds of Christian traditions and backgrounds including classical Pentecostals, Noncharismatics, independent charismatics, charismatic Episcopalians, Vineyard, and Third Wave." Apparently, my statement was not diverse enough and somebody sent me a friendly note saying so.

So, let me try again. If I have inadvertently left out your tradition or affiliation, don't be offended. Just send me a friendly note (or a not-so-friendly one if you must) to tell me. I do enjoying hearing of the diversity of those receiving this E-newsletter.

Others receiving this E-mail newsletter include Baptists (some who are Bapti-costals and some who are non-charismatic), Catholics, people from a Sovereign Grace fellowship, folks that align themselves with the confession wing of the charismatic movement (often called Word of faith), Presbyterians, those who are involved in the prophetic movement, people in the convergence movement, Anglicans, those who ascribe to the "New Apostolic Reformation," some from the Restoration movement, and Wesleyans and others from Holiness traditions.

Let me say that I appreciate the diversity we share in the body of Christ. I also am encouraged by the interest many have expressed in the vision of the Pneuma Foundation in wanting to see a greater understanding of God and His Word among those in the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. If you know someone who might like to be added to the Pneuma Foundation's electronic mailing list, just drop us a note. We would be happy to send them an invitation and an introduction about who we are. Do feel free to pass along anything you receive from us.

In the love of the Father,

—Raul Mock

One Year of the Pneuma Review

The Pneuma Review editors and writers are celebrating one year of publication of the Pneuma Review. The Summer 1999 (Vol. 2, No. 3) Issue, available in mid-May, marked the fourth issue published since its beginning in the fall of 1998. After the next issue, Fall 1999 (Vol. 2, No. 4) is published, the entire volume will be offered for sale at a special price. The one issue of Volume 1 will also be bundled with this so that anyone who wishes to receive back issues can do so affordably and as inexpensively as possible.

See what some of the great articles and resources have appeared over this last year:

"Do Full Gospel Ministers Need Theology?" by Larry Taylor. Pastor, scholar, and businessman Larry Taylor shows that there is no need to fear theology and answers that there is a great need for Biblical theology today.

"The Kingdom and the Spirit" by Gene L. Green. A dynamic look at the Spirit-empowered kingdom of God.

"Unwrapping Jesus" by Philip Yancey. Evangelical author Philip Yancey takes a look at 10 ways you may be wrong about Jesus.

"Baptism in the Spirit: Distinct from Salvation?" by Michael Peters. Pastor Michael Peters takes a look at the Baptism with the Spirit in light of the whole salvation experience.

"Tongues and Other Miraculous Gifts in the Second Through Nineteenth Centuries" by Richard Riss. This five part series (which will conclude in the Fall 1999 issue of the Pneuma Review) gives evidence for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit throughout the Church Age.

The Messianic Foundations Series by Kevin Williams began in the second issue of the Pneuma Review (Vol. 2, No. 1), and has included an introduction to studying the Jewish roots of Christianity as well as the articles "Messianic Pictures in the Temple Sacrifical System" and "The Full Picture of Passover." The Fall 1999 issue will feature a life-changing article about "Chayim Mayim: The Living Waters."

"The Place of the Holy Spirit in the Exegetical Process" by William Pankey. This is a discussion of the role of the Holy Spirit in Biblical interpretation and the limits of any interpretive method.

"Catholics and Evangelicals: What Still Divides Us?" by Raul Mock. This article takes a look at the major differences that still separate Catholics and Evangelicals theologically.

Robert Graves, author of "The Gospel According to Angels" (Chosen, 1998), has presented a series on "Praying in the Spirit" that began in the second issue of the Pneuma Review (Vol. 2, No. 1). This series has included "What They're Saying Now: Some Noncharismatics Reevaluate Tongues," "Some Effects of Praying in the Spirit," and "Focus of the Charismatic Experience: Tongues, the Holy Spirit, or Christ?" The Fall 1999 issue will continue this series with "Just What is the Nature of the Prayer Language?"

"Baptism in the Spirit: Is it Normal to Receive at or After Conversion?" by Michael Peters. In this article, Pastor Michael Peters investigates what is normative Spirit baptism.

There have been reviews of books and periodicals in every issue, including reviews of books and periodicals by Wayne Grudem, John Maxwell, Vinson Synan, Wonsuk Ma, William De Artega, Michael Brown, B. J. Oropeza, Jim Cymbala, Debra Wood, Zeb Bradford Long & Douglas McMurray, Jon Ruthven, David Daniels, and John Bevere.

Also has appeared resource articles about making use of a correspondence school for inmates in your prison ministry, and the seamless research tool of the Internet.

* The Lord has blessed the efforts of the writers and editors in making the Pneuma Review a "Journal of Ministry Resources and Theology for Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministries and Leaders." Thank you for your comments and the vote of confidence you extend to us when you purchase a subscription.

Financial Update

By Raul Mock

Someone asked me recently if there was a company or particular benefactor that has been the primary financial support behind the Pneuma Foundation. This gave me an opportunity, as a member of the Pneuma Foundation's board of directors, to reflect on how the Lord has provided for the needs of this ministry. No, there is not a particular sponsor or patron of the Pneuma Foundation. The Lord has faithfully met the needs of this ministry through the financial support of its members and friends. To me, this is quite amazing, when I think of how far the Pneuma Foundation has come just in the last year.

Although the Pneuma Foundation actually started as an un-incorporated association in 1997, it has seen tremendous growth in the last 12 months. There have been some 'tight' times financially as well. However, in all of these, the Pneuma Foundation stuck to its principle of not asking anyone but God for money. The founders believed that since this is a para-church ministry whose mission is to support the local church, it is not our place to request money. If the Pneuma Foundation is a blessing to people and a support to the local church, then out of abundance, the needs of this ministry will be met without becoming a burden to anyone. Otherwise, the founders felt, that this ministry could become odious if it was always begging for a handout and therefore its service to the Body of Christ would be hindered.

Having been faithful in not asking others for financial support has been both challenging and rewarding, for the Pneuma Foundation has always had its needs met. Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. There are areas where the board would like to see the Pneuma Foundation expand its ministry, but there are not funds presently available for this. Closely linked with the principle of not soliciting monies is a commitment to not expand our outreach beyond our financial support, thereby staying out of debt.

So, we ask for your prayers. Please pray with us that what the Pneuma Foundation is presently doing will have an excellence to it, continuously improving. And, if it is the Lord's will, that the financial resources are provided for the expansion of this ministry to the Body of Christ: more teaching resources for leading Pentecostal/charismatic believers to a greater understanding of God's Word.

Thank you for your support in prayer and your past financial generosity.

Note to Librarians:

The international subscription agency EBSCO now offers one-year subscriptions to the Pneuma Review on request. If you purchase periodicals through their service, ask for the Pneuma Review on your next order.