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   June 2002 Issue of the Pneuma Informer

The June 2002 Pneuma Informer

In this issue:

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Reports from Around the World

China: Confession Leads to Release
Ruth, a house church leader in China, was imprisoned for her faith and sharing Jesus. The authorities insisted that she write out a confession of her crimes. She wrote about Jesus' birth, death and resurrection and about heaven and hell. The same night she wrote her "confession" they held a "struggle" meeting against her. Four hundred prisoners and guards listened to her "crimes." The officials read aloud all thirty-seven pages of her confession and many prisoners repented in tears and received the Lord. A month later the authorities passed out ballots to release a selected inmate. They all wrote "Ruth." She walked home to her three children for whom she had been praying because they had only five catties of rice left in the house when she left a month earlier. She immediately asked them, "Is there any rice left?" Her son's beaming response was, "Mom, our rice container is overflowing!" And it really was, growing from five to over forty catties!
Source: Open Doors with Brother Andrew, by way of Dave Dorpat, Renewal in Missouri.

"Forgotten" First-Nations Tribal Group Receives Christ
Members of a "forgotten" tribal group in a remote corner of the U.S. have come to Christ after hearing the gospel fully for the first time. Twenty people were saved when Bill Easter preached to some of those living in Supai village, on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. At the second service he held, several people were healed, he told Assemblies of God (AG) News.

Set in a picturesque corner, surrounded by three waterfalls and towering cliffs, Supai is accessible only by foot, horseback or helicopter. Some of the 600 or so villagers had watched religious TV programs, but knew there was more they had to experience, said Easter, an AG Home Missionary. "[They] had been praying for God to send people down to share more about Christ."

After making contact, Easter held services at the local community center. Now some of the villagers want to have a permanent pastor and church, for which AG congregations in the district are helping raise money. "I'm just so conscious of the fact that we spend a great deal of money and time going overseas to reach the lost there," said Arizona district superintendent Steve Harris. "My heart is just moved, this is almost a forgotten people when it comes to reaching them for the gospel."
Source: Charisma News Service 4:75. Used by permission.

Netherlands: Prayer changes political landscape
Calls from Dutch evangelical leaders for an intense 10 days of prayer surrounding their national elections have culminated in changes to the national political scene that has been dominated by liberals for years. Prayer leader Marc van der Woude writes, "The Christian democrat party CDA has clearly won the elections, and its leader stands for Christian values and integrity." The far-right party, List Pim Fortuyn (LPF), had been expected to win by a landslide until its leader was dramatically murdered a week before the elections. LPF had done well at local elections, but it was prophesied that another overwhelming victory would not occur. A team of 15 prayer ministers from Uganda, who came to teach and pray with evangelical leaders during May, reflected on the need for on-going prayer: "It is crucial now that the Church of Jesus, in unity, holiness and perseverance, goes on praying until she prays with authority for the realising of God's plans for the Netherlands."
Source: http://www.10dagenvoornederland.nl

Thoughts to Ponder

Read these on PneumaReview.com: thoughts-to-ponder-june-2002

Special Report:

The Angelus Temple 2002 Rebirth
By H. Murray Hohns, May 22, 2002

Read the article on PneumaReview.com: The Angelus Temple 2002 Rebirth.

H. Murray Hohns is a retired civil engineer and technical writer. He is an ordained Foursquare minister, an instructor at Pacific Rim Bible College in Hawaii, and a regular contributor to the publications of the Pneuma Foundation. Murray serves on his denomination's financial council and is presently overseeing restoration of Angelus Temple in Los Angelus, California.

Excerpts from the Pneuma Review

Excerpts from the Summer 2002 issue of the Pneuma Review will appear in the next issue of the Pneuma Informer.

The Pneuma Review is a quarterly printed journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.

For more information, please see the Pneuma Review How to Subscribe page.

Contents of the Summer 2002 (Vol 5, No 3) issue of the Pneuma Review

"The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today: Dimensions" By J. Rodman Williams
The second chapter of Professor Williams' book about the greatest reality of the twenty-first century, reprinted in the Pneuma Review.

"Workmen Or Captives: Avoiding the Snare of Subjectivity" By David Harvey Pastor Harvey takes a serious look at how we interpret God's Word and cautions us to avoid the trap of subjective impressions.

"How Much Does God Control?"
Graham Old continues the discussion on God's control and man's freedom with his presentation of Charismatic Calvinism. Also includes Editor's Notes and a special edition of the Increase Your Theological Vocabulary department.

"The Secret Codes in Matthew: Examining Israel's Messiah" Part 6: Matthew 5:21-7:29, By Kevin M. Williams
Journey through the Gospel to the Hebrews with Kevin Williams as he unveils rich Hebraisms and prophetic Messianic insights. Part of the Messianic Foundations series.

"20 Good Steps When Planting and Growing a Church" By Paul Paino
Practical advice about church planting from a seasoned leader.

"Something to Think About: State of the Church 2002"
Statistics and questions about the search for meaning and the Church in the USA.

Book and Periodical Reviews
Two Views on Women in Ministry edited by James Beck and Craig Blomberg. Zondervan (2001). Reviewed by Kevin M. Williams.

The Century of the Holy Spirit Vinson Synan, ed. Thomas Nelson Publishers (2000). Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns.

"'As For Prophecies, They Will Come to an End': 2 Peter, Paul and Plutarch on 'The Obsolescence of Oracles'" by Gene L. Green. Journal for the Study of the New Testament 82 (2001). Reviewed by Raul Mock.

Other Significant Articles

Prayer Requests
  • Rev. Christopher Nootalapati of Gospel to the Nations (www.gospeltothenations.com) ministry in India, has requested prayer for their efforts to send out 1000 missionaries to plant 1000 churches in India where there are no churches. They know that only by the Holy Spirit could such a tremendous goal ever be reached, but with God this is a small thing. Let us join with them by praying for this outreach to the lost of India.

  • A Colombian pastor recently kidnapped was returned to his church unharmed and in good health last week, while another preacher reportedly has been brutally assassinated. According to Christian Aid Mission (CAM), Juan Carlos Villegas, associate pastor of Christian Family Church of Medell'n, was seized April 28 by unidentified armed guerrillas at a roadblock 20 miles outside the city.

    The National Intercessors Network for Colombia (NINC) circulated an e-mail prayer alert for Villegas, who was returning from a baptismal service with a group of church members when he was abducted. "We give thanks to God for His prompt answer, and thank all of you for your valuable prayer on behalf of pastor Villegas' life," the group said.

    Meanwhile, rebels recently took Fredy Urueta Barreto, another pastor in Sucre state, out of his church's prayer meeting and shot him eight times in the face and once in the heart in front of his congregation, CAM said. "Your little game of singing and shouting the Bible out loud is over," the rebels told the stunned worshipers. "Don't let us find out that you continue meeting because we will kill you, also."

    Several pastors had gathered at the group's central church last month for a season of prayer when they received a vision that many preachers would have to suffer because of violence, CAM said. "We didn't know what was coming," said one, "but now we have the results. Please keep us continuously in prayer."
    Source: Charisma News Service (May 15, 2002 4:54)

  • Stephen Chukwuka, of the African Missionary Youths & Talents Organization in Lagos, Nigeria, has asked for prayer regarding their efforts to reach youth with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Please pray that they would be effective in leading youth to a better life than what they would have without Him.

  • Pray for the families of Martin Burnham and Ediborah Yapp who were murdered during a failed attempt to rescue them from Islamic militants in the Philippines. Martin and Gloria Burnham, New Tribes Mission workers from the United States, were abducted with Filipino nurse Ediborah Yapp. Gloria was wounded but rescued from the militants. Please pray for missionaries all over world that put themselves at risk to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a lost world.

  • First Nations leader Richard Twiss has asked for prayer about his trip to Peru. Amidst a revival of ancient Incan religion, Richard will be presenting the good news about the one true Savior. Please pray for protection and opportunities to minister the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

  • Evangelist Lal Peter, in Kerala, India, has asked for prayer regarding efforts to establish places where Christians can gather for worship and study of God's Word. In addition to this, there is a need for a better base of operations which includes the establishment of an orphanage, the appointment of missionary-evangelists, and the development of a teaching-tape ministry. http://www.geocities.com/laldpeter

  • A friend of the ministry, Paul D. Curtis, an ordained Assemblies of God missionary in the United Kingdom, has asked for prayer for his son Paul Curtis, Jr. Paul Sr. and his wife Thel have asked for prayer for Paul Jr.'s salvation and restoration to his family. Paul Jr. lives in the greater Detroit area of Michigan and is a website designer.

  • Pastor C. J. Halquist has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He writes, "God is bigger than cancer. We are so glad we can put everything in the hands of the Lord and He is there to help us. Praise the Lord!" Let us join with he and his wife Sandy in praying for a complete healing in his body. Pastor Halquist is a contributing writer to the Pneuma Review and a leader in the Michigan District of the Assemblies of God.

Praise Reports
  • Brian White's article "Pentecost and the Inside-Out Church" has been featured in Current Thoughts & Trends, a publication of NavPress that summarizes contemporary issues being published in Christian and non-Christian periodicals. Read Brian's powerful Pneuma Review article online at: /article.jsp?article=inside-out_church.xml. This is an encouragement to all the editors and writers contributing work to the Pneuma Foundation to know that God is using us to lead people closer to Himself.

  • Please join the volunteer staff of the Pneuma Foundation in thanking God for His wonderful provision. New envelopes, memos, and other pre-printed forms have been purchased recently. This is a direct answer to prayer for the last several months. The Pneuma Foundation is able to minister and carry out its vision because of the generous gifts of its members and friends.

Condolences to the V. Alex Bills family on the occasion of his Homegoing on May 14, 2002. Professor Bills, of South Texas Bible Institute, was the founder and director of the Charles F. Parham Center for Pentecostal-Charismatic Studies and a friend of the ministry of the Pneuma Foundation.

  • Please send us your prayer requests and praise reports. We have a great God who always meets our needs.
  • If you would like more information about how you may help in meeting these needs, please send an E-mail to Member Services.