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   The July 1999 Pneuma Informer
The Electronic Newsletter of the Pneuma Foundation

In this issue:
  • Re-Introducing the Pneuma Informer: New name, even wider circulation
  • The Fall issue of the Pneuma Review is almost ready for press: Read contents
  • Introducing some of the Editors and Writers
  • The Pneuma Foundation at an international conference
  • Prayer Requests and Praise Report

Re-Introducing the Pneuma Informer

The Pneuma Informer is the new name for this Electronic newsletter from the Pneuma Foundation. The Executive Committee recently decided to give this newsletter a name instead of just calling it the 'E-Newsletter.' They hope that doing so will help remove confusion some of our readers have had over the difference between this E-bulletin and the quarterly journal of the Pneuma Foundation, the Pneuma Review.
Circulation of this E-newsletter keeps going up as new names are added to the lists almost daily. The Pneuma Informer is now received all over the world: from Portland, Oregon to Sarasota, Florida; San Diego to Boston; and Stockholm, Sweden to Baguio City, Philippines. The diversity of readers continues to grow also.

Those that prepare this newsletter would love to hear from you. If you have a question, whether about the Pneuma Foundation in general or a specific topic on doctrine or an area you feel needs to be addressed in the body of Christ today, feel free to write us. Although it is easier for us to answer 'snail' mail delivered to our Post Office Box, we will try to answer E-mail as time allows.

The Fall issue of the Pneuma Review is almost ready for press: Read contents

The fifth issue, Fall 1999 (Vol. 2, No. 4), of the Pneuma Review is nearly ready for release. Executive Editor Raul Mock says that subscribers should begin receiving their issues in the first or second week of August.

In the coming Fall issue of the Pneuma Review:
  • "Tongues and Other Miraculous Gifts in the Second Through Nineteenth Centuries" by Richard Riss. This five part series concludes in the Fall 1999 issue, presenting significant evidence for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit throughout the Church Age.
  • The Messianic Foundations Series by Kevin Williams will look at the life-changing reality of Messiah, the Living Water, Who indwells every believer in his article "Mayim Chayim: The Living Waters."
  • Robert Graves continues his series on "Praying in the Spirit" that began in the second issue of the Pneuma Review (Vol. 2, No. 1).This issue will seek to answer the question: "Just What is the Nature of the Prayer Language?"
  • The Pneuma Review interviewed author and church historian William De Arteaga. The Pneuma Review asked De Arteaga about the historical connection between the revival movements of today and those of the past. You might be surprised by his answers.
  • The new Answers to Questions department begins in this issue, answering the allegation that Mark 16:9-20 should not appear in your Bible.
  • Many great Book and Periodical reviews including a guest review by Jon Ruthven, The Kingdom and the Power, as well as books and articles by Vinson Synan, Joseph Garlington, Roger Stronstad, and others.

The Pneuma Review is a printed quarterly journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.

The Pneuma Foundation at an international conference

Thanks to the gifts of our members, the Pneuma Foundation has been able to send materials to the General Assembly of Asia Pacific Theological Association, to be held in Sydney, Australia in September. There will be over 150 Bible schools represented at this conference from all over the Pacific Rim and the United States. The Pneuma Foundation's Executive Committee had materials sent to be a blessing to these educators, hoping to provide an introduction to the Pneuma Review and offer other resources through Pneuma Biblical Resources that would not be available to them otherwise (it is difficult to find booksellers who are willing to ship internationally).

Special thanks goes to Dr. Wonsuk Ma for his facilitation of the Pneuma Foundation's participation, and Missionary Dave Johnson (who is also a contributing editor to the Pneuma Review) for his transportation of conference materials.

* If there is a conference you would be interested in representing the Pneuma Foundation at, please contact Member Services.

Prayer Requests

* The Pneuma Foundation is in need of some upgrades to its computer software and hardware. Please pray with us about:
  • a new (or used) laser printer
  • Microsoft Office 2000 Professional upgrade

* The Directors still have not yet heard back from the IRS about our official tax-exempt status. They ask for your prayers that the IRS would give the 501(c)3 status, and in a timely manner. (Please note: Unless the IRS were to rule that the Pneuma Foundation is not exempt, it is legally exempt under the 501(c)3 tax code. Without a formal ruling, however, it is difficult to demonstrate this to any potential contributors.)

Praise Report
* Deb Johnson was recently given a clean bill of health and she and her husband, Dave, were able to return to their mission field in the Philippines.