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   The July 2002 Pneuma Informer

The July 2002 Pneuma Informer

In this issue:

What's New at
  • Many new links Pentecostal/charismatic Bible schools, institutes, and seminaries are now listed by region on School Links page.
  • Special Report: The Angelus Temple 2002 Rebirth by H. Murray Hohns. An eyewitness account of the miracle in one of Pentecostalism's best known churches. From the June 2002 issue of the Pneuma Informer. Added June 24, 2002
  • If you have not yet read the article "Pentecost and the Inside-Out Church" by Brian White, be sure to do so. This on-line article from the Pneuma Review was added March 11, 2002.
  • Read about a charismatic leader from the 19th Century in "Edward Irving: Preacher, Prophet & Charismatic Theologian" by Derek Vreeland. As appearing in the Pneuma Review. Added May 13, 2002
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Special Opportunity

The Pneuma Foundation has been given a special opportunity of connecting with a group of Pentecostal/charismatic educators, scholars, and ministers. The Foundation has an opportunity of sending a one-time mailing to members of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. As SPS members have become friends of the Foundation, they become some of our strongest supporters. Most, if not all of them, share our vision for leading Pentecostal/charismatic believers to a greater understanding of God's Word. Several SPS members have written articles or series that have appeared in the Pneuma Review. Materials that have been and are being written by Pentecostal/charismatic scholars that make up the SPS are the very kinds of balanced biblical teaching that the Foundation wishes to get into the hands of Pentecostal/charismatic church leaders.

Please pray that the finances needed for this special mailing will be provided and that the best kind of flyers or materials can be sent to SPS members to capture their attention and interest them in connecting with the Pneuma Foundation. If you would like information about this special project or how you can help, please contact Raul Mock at
Member Services by putting the note to his attention.

Please note that although the SPS and the Pneuma Foundation have many similarities, the organizations are in no way connected. The SPS is an academic society and the Pneuma Foundation is an educational ministry dedicated to leading Pentecostal/charismatic believers to a greater understanding of God's Word. The SPS publishes an academic theological journal entitled PNEUMA: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. The Foundation publishes a quarterly journal called the Pneuma Review, a journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.

Reports from Around the World

American Atheists Open to Christian Radio, TV, Books
Atheists may be adamant about the separation of church and state, but some don't mind if televangelists preach at them. According to the latest study by the Barna Research Group, a "surprisingly large proportion" of atheists, agnostics and non-Christians "intentionally absorb information from the Christian media."

"More than one-fourth of that group listened to Christian radio, one-quarter watched Christian TV, and one-seventh read a Christian book," George Barna said. "In other words, of the 50 million adults who are not aligned with Christianity, there were more than 15 million who had some degree of exposure to Christianity."

Released July 2, 2002, the nationwide survey of 1,007 adults also discovered that more adults experience Christianity not by attending church, but through Christian radio, television or books. Focusing on the Christian media's pervasiveness in American culture, the study found that more than 6 in 10 adults (63 percent, or 132 million) attended a church service during the past month. In contrast, 2 of 3 adults (67 percent, or 141 million) were exposed to Christian radio, television or books in the last month.

"The Christian media industry has come a long way from the days when it simply aired or transcribed sermons," Barna said. "Much of the substance now available directly addresses the felt needs of contemporary society, using the technology and information that makes the presentations interesting and relevant."
Source: Charisma News Service July 03, 2002 edition. Used by permission.

China's shy women
"One of our workers took some Bibles to a house church in central China, and gave them to two new believers, Lily and Zhang, sisters who had been saved that day in the house church," reports Open Doors' Pierre Tschanz. "Around two years later, another member of our staff was in the same town, and met Lily and Zhang. He wanted to know what they had done since becoming Christians. Ashamed, the two girls blushed and bowed their heads, as though it were an exam. "We planted churches," they said. "How many?" The girls looked at each other cautiously: "only 29." Astonished, the Open Doors representative asked how many members the churches have. "In the smallest, only 300 come for prayer," they said humbly, "and in the largest, no more than 5,000".

"Such reports may seem unbelievable, but in Open Doors, we regularly hear such reports," says Tschanz. "A missionary in southern Henan province was active in a house church movement with 10,000 members. He was sent to Singapore for training for three years; when he returned, his movement had multiplied 30-fold to 300,000 members. We estimate that there are 10,000 new believers in China every day."
Source: Pierre Tschanz, Open Doors Switzerland by way of Friday Fax 2002: 29.

United States: Couple Wins Home Bible Study Battle
After pressure from a civil liberties group specializing in religious issues, Orlando, Florida officials recently dropped their action against a couple's home Bible study. The Orange County Code Enforcement Division had last month warned Paul and Dawn Bosch that they had violated the zoning code by operating a religious organization in a residential area without obtaining a special exception.

The family was ordered to take "corrective action" and warned that failure to comply could result in a possible fine of up to $250 daily. The Bosches then contacted Liberty Counsel, which demanded that officials withdraw the citation.

"I am very pleased with the response of Orange County to resolve this matter short of litigation," Liberty Counsel's Mathew Staver said. "Many homeowners...conduct Bible studies or prayer meetings. The Bosches were not attempting to start a religious institution, but were merely carrying out practices consistent with their religious belief to meet in small group fellowships for Bible study and prayer."
Source: Charisma News Service 4:83. Used by permission.

Special Report:

First-Nations Ministry Opportunity in Peru
Richard Twiss, of Wiconi International, reports on his remarkable trip to Peru.

Writing here on the plane ride home, I am finishing my closing report from Peru. I can hardly believe so much has happened in so few days. God is so gracious. We will by God's grace be returning to Peru in August of 2003 with a team of 20-30 First Nations leaders for a country-wide ministry journey. Here is my report.

What an incredible place Macchu Picchu is. It is the ancient Inca "City in the Clouds." We traveled four hours by train from Cusco, going from very cold weather at 11,000 ft. elevation down to about 8000 ft of the high jungles of the Andes. It became very warm and tropical, yet it is hard to imagine being in the jungle at that altitude. Our old train swayed and clickity-clacked along a beautiful mountain river. Macchu Picchu, a temple fortress city, high in the Andes, is located on wide ridge between two peaks. The stonework still baffles modern engineers who cannot figure out how they carved and fitted the rocks together so tightly that you cannot fit a piece of paper between them. These gargantuan boulders range from many hundreds to several tons in size, yet these stone blocks were assembled using only "crude" building techniques. The Incas were a remarkable people.

Upon arriving in Cusco we did not have any solid appointments, though several phone calls had been made to Christian leaders in the area prior to arrival. After we arrived more calls were made, and this effort produced a television interview, a meeting with the founder and director of a Bible School, and local pastor. Again, the favor of God was so profound.

My TV interview was on local viewer call-in program for probably fifteen minutes at best. She asked me a few questions about why I was there and what I thought about Cusco and if some of the challenges among North American tribes are similar to Peruvian. I had worn my traditional worship and eagle feather headdress. Afterward the station manager asked me more about our proposed trip in August 2003 and he got very excited about the team's visit. He said how much the people of Cusco would enjoy our team's visit because they had never had North American Indians in their city before and most had never seen one before except in the movies. He committed to promote the event through their television station and to help raise support from the community for free posters and assist with arrangements to secure use of their indoor stadium and he would make sure the sound equipment and staging was provided at no cost. His friend is a city manager and said he would discuss with him how the city could help support or sponsor our team.

Then we met with the director of the Bible school briefly who just loved the idea because they work primarily with indigenous students and are working hard to help them develop contextualized approaches to ministry among their people and offered to cooperate fully with us. Then we met with an American pastor who has been in Peru for seven years whose church hosts a dozen or more teams a year and said he would commit to helping us work with the churches in the city and find churches for our guys to speak in, schools for presentations, and outlying village meetings.

Upon arriving back in Lima we arranged for two Native leaders from the jungle to come in the next day and then I did a radio interview that night. The station manager who interviewed me said his home (the station) was my home and he wants to promote the event because he feels it will help Peru work through the issues with her own indigenous people.

The next morning I spoke at the weekly charismatic pastors meeting (FIPAC) and shared the vision of the teams visit. They said they would help support the event and make arrangements and expressed great interest and appreciation for the message I gave. Two of the largest churches in Lima were represented, one has 4000 and the other 6000 members. The associate pastor of the 4000 member church wanted me to stay a few more days so I could speak at their three Sunday services this weekend. Then a wonderful thing happened. The mission's pastor of the same church had heard me twice and was very moved by the message and challenge. As I shared with him my need for a national coordinator, office space and a phone for people to get more information about the events, he offered to do it all. He said he would take on the responsibility of coordinator and provide an office and receptionist at his church. As we talked more, he also offered to help translate my materials into Spanish through their church and create a three-minute promo video in Spanish. Amazing! Several other pastors spoke with me afterward saying they would like a Native pastor in their church and looked forward to the team's arrival. The head of FIPAC, pastor of the 6000-member church, said he would work together with me to help make the event a success in the city.

Then I spoke to a packed-out class of students and faculty of the Anthropology Department at the University of San Marcos. It was a great time teaching about Native history, values, and customs to these eager students who asked some very astute questions. I concluded by saying to them that political ideologies and structures were important, economic development needed, and social equality necessary, but without a spiritual foundation, the human heart would remain the same: greedy and full of selfishness, and human societies would be subject to their flawed leaders. I said what was needed was a spiritual revolution and told how many of us Native leaders have become followers of Jesus and through Him have had our hearts changed to love, do justly and love mercy. The professor in charge of the department was very impressed and generous with his appreciation and invited our whole team to come to the university when we return.

Finally at 11:00 that night at the airport, I was able to sit down with the two tribal leaders who had arrived earlier from the jungle. What humble men of strength and integrity these men are. They both have had to organize efforts to fight the Shining Path Terrorist Groups as they tried to control their tribal areas, lead the way to bring education and economic development to their people, give the Native church leaders a broader vision of the Kingdom, while raising their own families. We shared our stories as Native leaders and found many of the struggles similar. After sharing past 1:00 AM, they extended official invitations to bring teams to their respective areas and committed to make all necessary arrangements to organize events for us. They both felt this would be an invaluable help to their people to help them break out of the enemies schemes to keep them ashamed, bound by a sense of inadequacy and inferiority, and still suffering from oppression. They were so thankful about the possibility of seeing their pastors and leaders being taught and equipped by our First nations leaders to succeed as tribal Christians in the bigger "white" world.

A friend reminded me that at our first Many Nations Celebration in 1999 in Kansas City, I shared with some people that it was time for me to start learning Spanish because I had begun feeling a stirring in my sprit that we had a debt to out First nations people of the South. This trip to Peru has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that as First Nations believers, we have a very real, God-given opportunity to make a difference for Jesus Christ and impact the history of entire nations for the glory of our Heavenly Father!

Our aim is to take 25-30 First Nations folks to Peru the first two weeks of August in 2003. I want to extend an invitation to my First Nations brethren to prayerfully consider joining me for this historic ministry tour. We will have major citywide stadium outreaches in the capital, Lima, and also Ayacucho and Cusco. We will send teams to major tribal centers for discipleship training and evangelistic cultural gatherings in the evenings. Please pray with us now for everything needed to carry out this "Macedonian journey" from the First Nations people of the North to those of the South in Peru.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. Many blessings in your journey in Christ.

— Richard

Richard Twiss, Rosebud Lakota/Sioux, is President of Wiconi International [pronounced "we-cho-nee," meaning "life" in the Lakota/Sioux language]. Visit the Wiconi website at: http://www.wiconi.com

Special Thanks to All Pneuma Foundation Volunteers

With deep gratitude the board of directors would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers that assist with the day-to-day operations of the Pneuma Foundation.

Special thanks to some of the people who helped make the last issue (Summer 2002) of the Pneuma Review possible because of the time and assistance they gave:
Emily Walma, Claudia Kittinger, and Scarlet Stevens

Warm appreciation is also due to those who write for the publications of the Pneuma Foundation. Please join us in thanking some of our recent contributors:
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President Jim Dettmann would like to give a special thanks to Erin Mock for her continued assistance of her husband, Raul, as he carries out his many responsibilities of being Executive Editor and Director. She does so much even though she has three children to care for, including five-month-old twin boys. Erin assists with correspondence with our members and friends and helps with the preparation and mailing of the Pneuma Review.

It is also time to say goodbye to writer Dave Johnson who has contributed book reviews and articles for the Pneuma Review. Dave and his wife Deb are Assemblies of God missionaries in the Philippines. His present responsibilities of being a missionary and regional missions director, translator and study Bible editor, and educator (just to name a few) are such that he has asked to step down from being a contributing editor to the Pneuma Review. Although we are going to miss his perspective, we are rejoicing with him about the great things happening in the Philippines and wish him the best. You will continue to see updates and prayer requests from the field. Thank you for your serving with us, Dave.

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Resources You Can Use:
Using CDs, DVDs, and Multi-Media Presentations for Evangelism


This website from www.web-evangelism.com discusses the advantages and strategies for creating and distributing computer media for the purpose of sharing Jesus with the world. Includes links and information about numerous projects already available, including interactive computer games that challenge and instruct.

Thanks to Brigada Today for this referring to this resource. For a free subscription to Brigada's weekly missions publication, write brigada-today-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit Brigada on the web at www.brigada.org.

Excerpts from the Summer 2002 (Vol 5, No 3) issue of the Pneuma Review

The Pneuma Review is a quarterly journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.

For more information, please see the Pneuma Review How to Subscribe page.

From "Workmen or Captives? Avoiding the Snare of Subjectivity" by Dave Harvey

The full article is now available at PneumaReview.com: PneumaReview.com/workmen-or-captives-avoiding-the-snare-of-subjectivity.

From "The Secret Codes in Matthew: Examining Israel's Messiah"
Part 6: Matthew 5:21-7:29, by Kevin M. Williams

The full article is now available at PneumaReview.com: PneumaReview.com/secret-codes-in-matthew6-kwilliams.

Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for John, a friend of the ministry, who wrote to tell us of his grief at the loss of his wife Diane. Please pray for John and Diane's families as they go through this difficult season of grief.
  • Isaiah Selva, a friend of the ministry in India, has asked for prayer for his ministry of evangelism. He writes: "At present I am working as a System Administrator in computer field. Whenever we got time myself and my friends we will go to some villages start prayer cells and lead them to Jesus. Then we strengthen the prayer cells, like regular visit, and conduct Holy Sprit meetings. Some times we will share God's words in some churches too. Our only aim is to see India be saved." He reports that not all calling themselves Christians in India are true believers and that false teachings have arisen which are leading some away from biblical faith. Please pray for open doors and open hearts.
  • Allan Asang, working among tribal groups in the Philippines writes, "Please keep us in your prayers we are now facing with very difficult situation due of the very low of our economy here in the Philippines because of the war conflict between Muslims rebel, but we are stand firm in faith continue to work hard to spread the gospel of Christ to the lost souls." Please pray for a great harvest of souls on Mindanao Island.
  • Stephen, a friend of the ministry, has asked for prayer that God would open a way for the restoration of his marriage.
  • Please pray for Christians suffering under growing tension and persecution in former Soviet countries. Pastor Nikolai Kalutsky of a Russian-language Pentecostal church in Tbilisi, Georgia reported to Keston News Service that they were attacked on the weekend of July 3-5. It was reported that this attack was instigated by two Russian Orthodox priests, "the mob of about thirty or forty people burst into the house, beat people, frightened the children, stole Bibles, rummaged through people's bags and uttered very many threats ' to the believers and to our family. It was a pogrom."
  • Anand David, who ministers to the Narikoravas Gypsy people in Tamil Nadu, India, has asked for prayer for effective outreach to these often neglected and forgotten people. Efforts include establishing prayer groups and organizing social and economic programs. He is praying for financial resources to support ministers that can travel as needed and support the families of these evangelists.
  • Please join the Pneuma Foundation volunteer staff in praying for recent expenses related to the repair of office equipment. The total expense is approximately $400 in unplanned printer repair and equipment upgrades.

  • Please send us your prayer requests and praise reports. We have a great God who always meets our needs.
  • If you would like more information about how you may help in meeting these needs, please E-mail Member Services.