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   The August 2001 Pneuma Informer

The August 2001 Pneuma Informer

In this issue:
  • New On-line Article: Studies in Contrast
  • Reports from around the world
    • Germany: Iranians open
    • Zimbabwe: God's timing for missionary strategy
  • Thought to Ponder: The Background and Foreground of Prayer
  • Excerpts from the Pneuma Review: Appearing in next issue
  • In the Fall 2001 edition of the Pneuma Review
  • Prayer Request & Praise Report

New On-line Article: Studies in Contrast

You will find a new on-line article series on the Pneuma Foundation website called Studies in Contrast. http://pneumafoundation.com/studyinc

The Studies in Contrast series is eight booklets published originally by RBC Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The RBC booklets are now out of print, but the Pneuma Foundation has been extended permission to make them available on-line. Volume 1 of this series is now available on the Pneuma Foundation website.

Here is what is covered in Volume 1:
  • Should a Christian Be Afraid of God?
  • The Resurrection: A Matter of Reason or a Matter of Faith?
  • Can We Learn from the Cults?
  • Should We Be Waiting or Working As We Anticipate Christ's Return?
  • Did Christ Come to Live or to Die for Us?
  • Is Man Like God or Unlike God?
  • Should a Christian Be Self-Controlled or Spirit-Controlled?
  • Isn't the Holy Spirit All I Need to Understand the Bible?
  • Can We Come to God Just As We Are?
  • Is It Ever Right to Judge Others?
  • Are We the Result of Our Parents' Choices?
  • Does God Hold Us Responsible for Other People's Sin?
  • Self-Esteem: Is It Right or Wrong?
These one page topics hit home and give profound truth in simple language. Take a look for your self and tell others about this on-line resource.

Reports from Around the World

Germany: Iranians open
'Iranians seem to be experiencing a spiritual awakening,' writes a couple who work among Iranians in Europe. 'We're hearing of decisions for Jesus and baptisms all over. So many turned up to a recent seminar that the conference facilities were only just able to cope. In Germany alone, we know of 10 people working full-time with Iranians, and one Belgian church has recently baptised 19 Iranians, and 17 the week before.'
Source: Friday Fax Issue 27, 13 July 2001

Zimbabwe: God's timing for missionary strategy
'It really was God's timing' to plant 10,000 new churches in Zimbabwe, according to DAWN missionary Ted Olson. In the mid-1980's, the nation's Christian leaders decided to cooperate in a large missionary coalition. 'Of the tens of thousands who declared interest in Jesus during evangelistic crusades, very few could be integrated into churches,' said one of the leaders. Years of tent meetings and large-scale evangelistic crusades, which were far less effective than many people expected, had tired and perplexed the Christians. The excitement following independence was also not enough to cause the church to grow on its own. The Christians realized that a common proactive strategy was required, and the idea that multiplying new churches was necessary in addition to planning evangelistic campaigns fell on fertile ground: the 'Target 2000' strategy was born. In 1992, a target of planting 10,000 new churches by the end of the year 2000 was set, and has been reached; Zimbabwe, with its 12 million inhabitants, now has over 20,000 Christian churches, or one for every 600 of the population. A plan for 'reaching the lesser- and least-reached areas' in the next ten years will be worked out during a conference from 3-7 September 2001.
'The rapid growth of the Church in a nation plagued by massive political woes, corruption and a failed economy, is an ongoing reality, and an encouraging example for other nations,' says Olson.
Source: www.dawnministries.org via Friday Fax Issue 30, 3 August 2001

Thought to Ponder: The Background and Foreground of Prayer

Every true prayer has its background and its foreground. The foreground of prayer is the intense, immediate desire for a certain blessing which seems to be absolutely necessary for the soul to have; the background of prayer is the quiet, earnest desire that the will of God, whatever it may be, should be done. What a picture is the perfect prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane! In front burns the strong desire to escape death and to live; but behind there stands, calm and strong, the craving of the whole life for the doing of the will of God... Leave out the foreground, let there be no expression of the will of him who prays, and there is left a pure submission which is almost fatalism. Leave out the background, let there be no acceptance of the will of God, and the prayer is only an expression of self-will, a petulant claiming of the uncorrected choice of him who prays. Only when the two are there together, the special desire resting on the universal submission, the universal submission opening into the special desire, is the picture perfect and the prayer complete.
- Phillips Brooks

Excerpts from the Pneuma Review

The Pneuma Review is a quarterly printed journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders.

In order to complete this edition of the Pneuma Informer while it is still August, excerpts from one of the current issues of the Pneuma Review will not be appearing. This department will continue in future issues of this E-newsletter.

In the Fall 2001 edition of the Pneuma Review

Here is what you will find in the upcoming Fall 2001 (Vol 4, No 4) issue of the Pneuma Review, due to domestic subscribers mid-September.

Category: The Ministry and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
'Duration of Prophecy: How Long Will Prophecy Be Used in the Church?' By Wayne Grudem
Part 3 of Professor Grudem's exegetical study of 1 Corinthians 13.

Category: Current Issues
'Pentecostalism and Ecumenism: Past, Present, and Future' Part 4 of 5. By Amos Yong
Amos Yong challenges classical Pentecostals to re-examine what ecumenism really is. Includes suggested reading on Pentecostal ecumenism.

'Worldviews in Conflict: Christian Cosmology and the Recent Doctrine of Spiritual Mapping' By Larry Taylor
Part 1 of 2. An examination and challenge of the doctrine of spiritual mapping. With Editor's Introduction.

The Messianic Foundation Series 'The Secret Codes in Matthew: Examining Israel's Messiah' Part 3 By Kevin Williams
Journey through the Gospel to the Hebrews with Kevin Williams as he unveils rich Hebraisms and prophetic Messianic insights.

The Worship Leader Series 'Should it Sound Like That?' By Joe Randeen.
An introduction to one of the technical sides of being a song leader

Editorial: 'A Crown' by H. Murray Hohns

Interview with Lee Grady

Book and Periodical Reviews, Increase Your Theological Vocabulary, and other regular departments.

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Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue praying for Dave and Debbie Johnson in their relief work in the Philippines following the eruption of Mt. Mayon in their region. Believing that man's disasters are God's opportunities, they anticipate a tremendous harvest of souls in this difficult time. Pray for provision and that hearts will be prepared to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The Johnsons may be reached at: davedeb1 [at] attglobal.net.
  • The Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka has sent an urgent request that Christians pray about the escalating violence in their nation. Week by week and month by month, there are an increasing number of attacks on Christian families and churches. Please pray for the nation of Sri Lanka and the brothers and sisters in Christ who live there.
  • This request was received through the Pneuma Foundation website, with permission to share with all of our newsletter readers. Please pray for Jithin Jose:
    'I am Jithin Jose aged 17 years. I am the only child of my parents. I am a citizen of India and am a Syrian Roman Catholic. I am suffering from Haemophilia (Factor VIII deficiency). This is a genetic deficiency passed on from earlier generations. In my case, there is no known history. My blood will not clot due to this deficiency. Due to frequent internal joint bleeding, I cannot straighten out both my hands. Muscles in both my legs have been wasted due to frequent internal bleeding and I am not able to walk. One leg is shorter than the other due to a fall. Previously injections of Factor VIII used to be given to me in times of internal bleeding. Now my body has developed resistence against the injection and I cannot take it any more.
    'I had discontinued my studies from elementary school. Now I want to continue my studies through correspondence. I have full faith that our Lord Jesus can heal me completely. Believing that He is there to protect me always I have started doing physiotherapy. Through His Grace, I have started walking off and on. Now I have developed bleeding in my leg and am in a wheel chair.
    'I seek your assistance in prayers through this appeal. I want to be healed completely in my body, mind and soul. I want to be a responsible son looking after my parents in their old age. I want to give my life to Lord Jesus spreading his message of Love among all the people. Kindly pray for me, so that I can realise my dreams.
    'I thank you in the name of our Lord Jesus.'
  • Please pray for the needs of the Pneuma Foundation. The following items are needed for the office: Copier/Fax/Inkjet Printer combo (such as the HP Officejet), approx. $200; a Digital postal packaging scale approx. $75. There is also a need to reprint envelopes and letterhead in the near future. The check-size envelopes that are included with all of the Foundation's outgoing mail will cost about $85 for 1,000. Letterhead will be $110 per 1,000 sheets. Journal sized envelopes will be $100 per 1,000.

  • Please send us your prayer requests and praise reports. We have a great God who always meets our needs.
  • If you would like more information about how you may help in meeting these needs, please send an E-mail to Member Services.