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These articles and sermons have been submitted by the members and friends of the Pneuma Foundation and may not reflect the views of the editors and volunteer staff of the Foundation. The volunteer content editors have endeavored to screen out articles and sermons that disagree with the Pneuma Foundation statement of faith or our vision for leading Pentecostal/charismatic Christians to a greater understanding of God's Word. Should you discover a topic or statement that you feel disagrees with these or is unnecessarily controversial or inflammatory, please bring it to our attention, and the article will be reviewed again.

Guest Article Index

Title Author Description Type Size
Book Review: The Power and Practice of the Church Jonathan P. Davis John P. Lathrop, The Power and Practice of the Church: God, Discipleship, and Ministry. Guest review by Jonathan P. Davis. 6 KB
Living Out Creation Mike J. Knowles Recognizing our creatureliness humbles us and teaches us to praise our Creator. 7 KB
The Meaning of Life Mike J. Knowles A devotional about what is most important. 6 KB
Is the Church Equipped to Minister to Homosexuals? Robert McKigney Pastor McKigney talks about how his own testimony is proof that the local church can help those recovering from living in homosexuality. 5 KB
Book Review: The Baptism With the Holy Spirit Wayne Warner Verna M. Linzey, The Baptism With the Holy Spirit: The Reception of the Holy Spirit as Confirmed by Speaking in Tongues. Guest review by Wayne Warner. 3 KB
Staff and Salary: Part 2 Dan Reiland Continuing with the second part of this mini-series on staff and salary by Dan Reiland, we'll cover: the wrong reasons to increase salary, key issues in setting the first salary, and key issues to consider when increasing a salary. As you pray and do your homework, this will help you as you design your compensation plan for your church. 13 KB
Staff and Salary: Part 1 Dan Reiland What people get paid is a sensitive and personal topic. It is no different for church staff, and particularly so for pastors who often live under standards and scrutiny higher than of volunteers. This mini-series from Dan Reiland will dive into a candid look at this practical and often complicated topic. 10 KB
Hezekiah's Pattern for Praying WEA RLC Special Article for the 2007 International Day of Prayer for the Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Added November 11, 2007. 7 KB
Your Faith: Its' Miraculous Origin, Work, And Destination Charles Carrin Trust is not something that comes on its own. Where does it come from, how does it work, what does trust in God accomplish? 15 KB
Church Politics: Part 2 Dan Reiland Church politics is alive and well but you have the opportunity to significantly reduce it, if not nearly eliminate it in your church. Whether it's a big problem or you just need to stay proactive, this two part series will help you! 10 KB
Church Politics: Part 1 Dan Reiland Church politics is alive and well but you have the opportunity to significantly reduce it, if not nearly eliminate it in your church. Whether it's a big problem or you just need to stay proactive, this two part series will help you! 12 KB
Successful or Fruitful? Dan Reiland Are we measuring success in ministry the wrong way? 9 KB
What Is Driving Your Behavior: A Thinking Man's Guide Rev. Don Allen, Jr. This workbook helps us study our behavior and compare it to what God wants for us. 83 KB
The Gospel of Judas: Monster or kitten? Rob Haskell Written in April 2006, this article says Christians have nothing to fear from the discovery of this ancient Gnostic manuscript. 15 KB
Book Review: The Connecting Church Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns Pastor Mur reviews Randy Frazee, The Connecting Church (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001) 4 KB
Remember the Basics: A Thinking Man's Guide Rev. Don Allen, Jr. This study workbook provides a reminder about the importance of the spiritual discipline of prayer and Bible study, having a biblical attitude, and our commitments. 147 KB
Christmas 2006: Peace and Unity through Jesus Christ Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin Remembering those Christians who have suffered and are suffering today for the sake of Jesus. 5 KB
Pentecostalism's Future: Where Do We Go Now? J. Lee Grady (April 28, 2006) Charisma editor Lee Grady says that we must reclaim the spiritual fire we've lost. 6 KB
Beyond Understanding H. Murray Hohns Pastor Mur reminds us a little about what Heaven is like. 6 KB
Review: Coming to Life Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns Todd M Rutkowski, Coming to Life: The Journey to Identity, Passion and Purpose (VMI Publishers, 2004). 2 KB
Confident Belief: What Does it Mean to Know Truth? Rick Wade In this guest article from Probe Ministries, Rick Wade introduces us to modernity and postmodernity and says that neither really offers a way forward to understanding God's truth as revealed in the person of Jesus. Added August 29, 2006. 32 KB
Mighty Men of Valor Don Allen, Jr. A Bible study workbook for "Developing Godly men within our Families and Churches." Added August 8, 2006. 220 KB
Christians Coping With Grief Don Allen, Jr. A workbook for coping with the grief of loss. Added June 6, 2006. 109 KB
Review: Kingdom Works Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns Bart Campolo, Kingdom Works (Servant Publications, 2001). Added May 9, 2006.
Islam and the birth of Christ Anthony McRoy What do Muslims believe about the birth of Jesus, and how is it different from what Christians believe? Added March 16, 2006.
Religious Liberty: From 2005 into 2006 Elizabeth Kendal A report on the state of religious liberty from the World Evangelical Alliance. Added February 6, 2006.
Beware of Professional Christians Dan Reiland Christian Leadership: "We are a local church not a cruise ship!" Getting and keeping an outward-focus.
Leader's Authority Dan Reiland Christian Leadership: Where does your authority come from? Your answer to that question makes a difference.
The Modern Day Warrior (Pressure is Pressure) Dan Reiland Christian Leadership: This guest article asks how we are reacting to pressure today and guides us to see how to overcome it.
Review Preach the Word Reviewed by Thomas G. Long A review of Aldwin Ragoonath's book Preach the Word: A Pentecostal Approach
Review Preach the Word Reviewed by Brian C. Stiller A review of Aldwin Ragoonath's book Preach the Word: A Pentecostal Approach
Celebrate the Equipping Church Charlene Armitage Every church has an awesome privilege of supporting, encouraging, training, and equipping each person to fulfill their God-given purpose
Online Evangelism in a Secular Culture Andrew Halloway How can we use the internet to effectively introduce people to Jesus?
The Power of the First Move Dan Reiland There is a powerful dynamic set in motion when someone takes the first move.
Small Group Shift? Dan Reiland Paying attention to what really matters in small groups will allow them to become the community we all want and need.
Review Your Best Life Now Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now (Warner Faith, 2004). Added December 18, 2004.
Oxygen Masks Kevin M. Williams A story of justice and judgment from the life of Jesus.
Leadership and Gardening Dan Reiland There are important lessons to be learned about leadership in the garden.
Growing a Church or Impacting a Community? Dan Reiland There is a difference between being focused on church growth and being dedicated to influencing society.
Ministry and Money Part 1: Why People Give Dan Reiland "I hope to give some insight into the reasons people give and hopefully encourage you in this challenging area of leadership."
"How to Encourage Yourself in the LORD" Jeff Doles Learn from biblical David how to be encouraged in God and overcome discouraging circumstances. 101 KB
Leadership and Skim Boarding Dan Reiland "This summer, while on vacation I learned how to skim board and throughout the sometimes painful process of learning I was reminded of some very important leadership principles that are often overlooked."
Review: War on the Saints Linda Williams Linda Williams urges you to read a book she feels has been overlooked by the church for too long.
"Hebrews 8—The Old Covenant" Kevin M. Williams Messianic teacher Kevin Williams believes the old covenant between God and His people has been renewed through Jesus and is now a better covenant.
"Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons: Gnostic Fighter & Unifying Theologian" Derek Vreeland Pastor Derek Vreeland gives a brief introduction to an important early church father. 223 KB
"Tongues—The Controversial Gift" John Lathrop A brief look at the controversial gift of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. 61 KB
"The Shepherding Pastor" Dave Redden Becoming spiritually successful in ministry means becoming a spiritual shepherd. 79 KB
Review: The Next American Spirituality Dave Redden D.Min student Dave Redden reviews the book The Next American Spirituality by George Gallup, Jr. (Cook Communications, 2000). 59 KB
"In Your Face" H. Murray Hohns Reading Heaven Below by Grant Wacker caused Pastor Mur to reflect on Pentecostal roots and obnoxious witnessing.
"Biblical Healing" Vincent Cheung Bible teacher Vincent Cheung urges readers to go to the Scriptures for what they say about healing, apart from our preconceptions. 2003 edition. 171 KB
"Biblical EQ" John Edmiston Bible teacher John Edmiston offers a biblical approach to emotional intelligence and emotional management. 1.1 MB

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