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Sponsoring Subscriptions

Have you wanted to subscribe to the Pneuma Review but simply cannot afford to do so?

Have you been looking for a strategic way of building the kingdom of God around the world by helping teach and educate future Christian leaders?

The Pneuma Foundation is now taking requests for sponsorships of subscriptions to the Pneuma Review. Any church or ministry leader, or Christian educational institute who cannot afford to purchase a subscription to the Pneuma Review is invited to request a sponsorship.

All eligible requests for sponsorship will then be posted anonymously (such as: "Inner-city Pastor in Dallas, TX" or "Bible College in Northern India") and the Pneuma Foundation will ask its members and friends to consider sponsoring subscriptions for these ministries and leaders. Donors will be invited to get to know the ministries they sponsor.

By directly connecting those who desire to grow in their ability to equip others with those can give financially, the Pneuma Foundation hopes to see genuine growth of relationships in the body of Christ. This is an opportunity to partner with Christians from around the world in making known the love, power, and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ alone.

For more information, or to request a sponsorship, please send an E-mail to: Member Services. If requesting a sponsorship, please include the following: 1) Full name and title 2) name of the ministry you are involved with 3) brief description of the activities of the ministry and how you are involved 4) complete mailing address 5) brief explanation of why you wish to receive the Pneuma Review or how it will be used.

Please do not hesitate to request a sponsorship if you cannot afford to purchase a subscription yourself. While the Pneuma Foundation is unable to guarantee that a sponsor will be found, please allow the ministry to make your request known. Followers of Messiah are giving people, and we are confident that brothers and sisters will respond.

The Pneuma Foundation's desire is to not even charge a subscription fee, but it must do so because of the costs involved in printing and mailing the journal to subscribers worldwide. Thanks to the generous gifts of our members and friends, the ministry is able to cover its administrative costs apart from the cost of the publication of the Pneuma Review. As the ministry grows and God brings us new friends and members to partner with us, it is our hope to reduce subscription costs and make the journal available to more people who are blessed by it.

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