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Current Needs and Projects

General Projects and Needs
There are a number of needs that the ministry has right now that we would appreciate your agreement in prayer about. Here is a brief list of some of the current ministry projects and needs:
  • Pneuma Review — pray that the editorial committee will continue to write, edit, and publish a journal that challenges and encourages Pentecostal/charismatic church leaders.
  • Pneuma Informer — pray that our monthly newsletter, sent all around the world, will be an encouragement and informative to our many friends and members. Please pray that it accomplishes its purpose of telling readers of the current needs of the Pneuma Foundation and telling them of ways they can become involved in the ministry.
  • Membership Database — a new membership and transaction database was implemented in late 2002 to drastically improve how Pneuma Foundation volunteers record contacts and orders from our members and friends. There are many improvements to this system needed in order for it to be more automated and to save our volunteers time as they continue the ever-increasing work of this ministry. Please pray for this effort because it has a great deal to do with the operation of the ministry behind the scenes.
  • Finances — All of these efforts require funds to pay for their expenses. The Foundation is committed to not begin new efforts without the finances necessary to accomplish them. Therefore, we are relying on God to provide the "needs" of the ministry through the generous contributions of our members and friends. Please join with us in prayer that God will find the ministry of the Pneuma Foundation to be a vessel He can use to accomplish His purposes through and that He will provide the finances necessary for all of the efforts He wants us to continue or to begin.

Specific Projects and Needs
Here are some of the details about projects that volunteers (people just like you) are helping with already or which need volunteers to help with.
  • Webmaster Dave Driggs is currently working on a content management and development database that will radically change how website volunteers add and update content to the Pneuma Foundation website. This is a large project, please pray that Dave will be able to continue working on this website refit and complete the transition quickly.
  • Invitation to Relationship: Several months ago, volunteers completed the initial coding of an all-new sub-site for the Pneuma Foundation website. Unable to implement the sub-site at that time, the coding was laped by significant changes to the overal website infrastructure. Please pray that this sub-site will be able to be released soon. Invitation to Relationship will have numerous articles that introduce Christianity, defend the viability of the claims of Christianity, and provide resources for discipleship. Please pray that this new sub-site will be attractive and be used of God to bring people into deeper relationship with Himself.
  • New name: the Pneuma Informer needs a new name that reflects a greater emphasis on the spiritual and devotional content that the editors have been preparing for it for some time. Send a note today with your idea for what to call this email newsletter. When you send your suggestion, please send the reference to one of the most significant passages from the Bible and tell us why it means so much to you.
  • Getting Involved
  • Read about ways you can become involved in the ministry of the Foundation from the April 2005 issue of the Pneuma Informer

For current volunteer opportunities, visit:
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